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About the APA

The Local Government Authorised Persons Association (APA) represents authorised officers from the field of  Local Government Regulatory Services. This includes Rangers, Compliance Officers, Community Safety Officers, General Inspectors, Animal Management Officers, Parking Officers just to name a few.

The APA is dedicated to proactively generating a greater understanding and better-informed awareness of the role of authorised officers, their contribution and value to Local Government and community.

The Authorised Persons Association aims to foster professionalism in Local Government Regulatory Services and Community Safety through Support, Networking and Encouraging Professional Development and the Promotion of Regulatory Services within the Local Government Industry.

One of the keys to the APA's success has been its commitment to presenting innovative and forward-looking solutions to the issues affecting authorised officers, striving to meet current and emerging trends and challenges, and promoting and developing the role of Authorised Officers within Local Government.  

What do we mean by an Authorised Person?

Like many functions in Local Government, the role of an Authorised Person has increased greatly in its complexity. Councils use all sorts of terms for an Authorised Person including: rangers, compliance officers, general inspectors, community inspectors just to name a few!

An Authorised Person can be appointed by a Council under a diverse range of acts including the Local Government Act, Dog and Cat Management Act, Expiation Of Offences Act, Building Code of Australia (BCA), Fire and Emergency Services Act, Environment Protection Act just to mention a few. In fact, an Authorised Person can be appointed under some 20 pieces of Legislation.

History of the APA

In 1978 a decision to set up a course for Inspectors was initiated and commenced initially at TAFE O’Halloran Hill followed my Marleston and Adelaide campuses.The nine graduates decided in February 1982 to form an association with the aim of promoting the role of authorised persons within Local Government.

In 2000 the Northern Areas Inspectors Network was established and gained wide support leading to the establishment of a central and southern network in 2003. Every year the northern, central and southern networks each nominate 3 representatives to undertake the role on an APA executive committee member.

In 2006, the APA welcomed the Southern Eastern Inspectors Network and Whyalla Inspectors Network.


The objectives of the APA are:

  • To promote knowledge of and interest in regulatory services within the local government sector
  • To encourage and facilitate professional development of members
  • To deal cooperatively with the local councils and facilitate the sharing of information and resources, and standardising work practices
  • To facilitate and promote accredited training workshops, forums and conferences, and encourage community education in regulatory services
  • Actively seek membership from all councils within South Australia

A copy of the APA Strategic Plan 2020 - 2028 is available here

Discrimination Policy

The APA is committed to an environment which is free from discrimination and sexual harassment and where all members and associate members are treated with dignity, courtesy and respect. The APA has developed a Policy on discrimination and sexual harassment, provides membership training on discrimination and sexual harassment as required and has procedures for managing complaints.

The Policy and procedure for managing complaints can be found here.

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