2021 Authorised Persons Association

Professional Development Seminar Program

Thursday 20 May 2021 & Friday 21 May 2021 

Awards Night Thursday 20 May 2021 

The Local Government Authorised Persons' Association (APA) in partnership with the Dog and Cat Management Board, KelledyJones Lawyers and Norman Waterhouse Lawyers presented the 2021 APA Professional Development Seminar at the Stamford Grand Glenelg on Thursday 20 & Friday 21 May 2021. 

The two day seminar was preceded by a full day training opportunity on Wednesday 19 May 2021. 

The annual awards night was held on Thursday 20 May 2021 and presents an opportunity to acknowledge the excellent work happening in the regulator world. A copy of the full program is available here.

Award nominations closed 5pm on Friday 7 May 2021.  

The APA Executive Committee arranged some fantastic presenters, some of which are listed below. A copy of the 2021 Program Booklet is available here.  

If you are interested in presenting at a seminar in the future, please reach out to the Executive Committee.  

Seminar Presenters

About - EAI Projects

Steph Jeuken 

EAI Projects

Dogs and Cats Online

Steph is a principal consultant with EAI Projects. She has worked in the field of ICT and Consulting for 25 years. After migrating to Australia from the US in 2002, Steph began working with State and Local Government as well as private industry on strategy development, process improvement and IT systems implementation. Steph’s passion in IT lies in agile development and stakeholder engagement and she prides herself in her ability to work with multiple organisations to deliver shared value. Steph is also a part-time lecturer at Flinders University teaching undergraduates Design Thinking principles. A highlight of her career has been her involvement in the Dogs and Cats Online (DACO) project. She started with that programme of work at its inception authoring its first business case for the Department of Environment and Water in 2015. Since that time, Steph has continued to be engaged by the Dog and Cat Management Board to assist Local Government and key stakeholders to build, implement and support the ongoing operations of DACO.


Anne Gee 

Team Leader Dogs and Cats Online, Dog and Cat Management Board 

Ann Gee, Team Leader Dogs and Cats Online, has worked in dog and cat management for both state and local government since 2012. She has supported the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 legislative reform process, development of Regulations, implementation of new laws and now oversees the operational management of the state-wide system, Dogs and Cats Online.

 Anthony Hart - ICMI

Anthony Hart 

Invigor Wellbeing

November 7th, 2003, Anthony whilst on anti-depressants, sleep deprived, and suffering depression made a significant attempt on his life. Through a remarkable stroke of luck, he clung onto life and survived.

Anthony shares insights into the mind of someone struggling mentally, and paints a picture of the thoughts, feelings and behaviour of someone who battles poor ‘Mind Health’.

Through his arduous recovery journey back, Anthony uncovered four powerful yet simple steps to better mind health, with collaboration with SAHMRI he turned it into a free app – Lifeback Tracker was born.

Fast forward to today, the business he leads, Invigor Wellbeing has through his learnings, created a simple, yet powerful Mind Health Annual Program designed to unite Employers with Employees by building a ‘Culture of Care’ throughout the organisation. The program has the potential to significantly improve the mind and physical wellbeing of participants. The mutual benefits are enormous.

It is Anthony’s mission in life that by sharing his story, that others won’t have to go down the same path he did. In 2018 his attraction to the clear messaging around R u OK saw him become a Brand Ambassador. The takeaway learnings attendees with leave with will be lifelong.


Paul Kelly

Principal, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

A specialist for over 20 years in the firm’s Local Government & Regulatory Services Team, Paul provides a unique set of skills and insight to Norman Waterhouse’s clients with his previous experience in the South Australian Police Department and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. The largest of its kind in the State, the Local Government & Regulatory Services Team is widely recognised as the leader in the provision of administrative and regulatory advice to the local government sector in South Australia.


Offering a straightforward and pragmatic approach to his legal practice, Paul prides himself on delivering pragmatic solutions to his wide range of clients. His principal area of practice includes governance, policy advice, administrative law issues, statutory interpretation, legislative drafting and he regularly represents client councils in contested matters in the Magistrates Court, the Liquor Licensing Court and Tribunal, the District Court, the Supreme Court, the Environment, Resources and Development Court, Coroner’s Court and the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


Paul regularly prepares and delivers trainings and seminars to councils in relation to administrative law, criminal law and, specifically, civil enforcement, investigations, legislative drafting and prosecution proceedings.


A long standing committee member of the Authorised Persons Association, Environmental Health Australia.  He is a member of the Local Government Association’s Functional Support Group and advisor to the Australian Institute of Animal Management.



Dale Mazzachi

Principal, Norman Waterhouse Lawyers

Practicing as a Principal in Norman Waterhouse’s Governance and Public Law and Environmental Health and Regulatory Services teams, Dale has been helping councils and other local authorities to govern, protect, enhance their local communities for over 10 years. He provides high level legal, practical and strategic advice to councils and other public authorities on all aspects of their administrative, regulatory, governance and employment obligations and requirements.


His regulatory experience includes animal management and control, public health, food safety, public realm and traffic management, liquor licensing, by-laws and regulations. In the governance field, Dale specialises in code of conduct, conflict of interest, public officer duties, delegations, authorisations, meeting procedures, confidentiality, rates imposition and recovery, elections and freedom of information.


Dale regularly represents public authorities before a wide range of Courts and Tribunals. He has appeared and instructed on matters in the High Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Court of South Australia, District Court of South Australia, Magistrates Court of South Australia and the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Dale frequently presents workshops and training sessions for a wide variety of public sector clients and lectures in environmental health law at Flinders University.